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How to Connect With Your Child, Even on Your Bad Days

Parents want the best for their kids, and sometimes the pressure to be the best parent you can be weighed down on a parent. 

Unable to Find Childrens Books with Chinese Protagonist, Dad Creates His Own

There are not many books inspired by the Chinese culture in the US, especially for kids. Jerry Zhang realized about it when he wanted to buy a book for his kids. 

Paying College Tuition is Forcing Parents into More Debt

According to Mark Kantrowitz, Savingforcollege.com’s publisher who analyzed government data, the debt for college graduates was $29,669 in 2016 (which is a 1% increase from 2012) and is projected to be at $29,812 for students graduating in 2018.

Artist Turns Old CDs Into Amazing Sculptures

A broken CD isn't much good to anyone. Unless you're Sean Avery that is. Because while most of us would just throw them in the trash, the South Africa-born, Australia-based artist turns them into various dazzling animal sculptures.

You Can’t Parent Other Peoples Children

If you are a parent, odds are that you have a very particular way that you have chosen to raise your children. Different households have different values and different ways in which they interact with their children. Some parents give their children their pacifier when they throw a fit in public while others refuse to do so because they don’t want their children to be rewarded for causing a scene in public.

The Sneaky Way Tobacco Is Being Marketed to Your Kids on Facebook

Facebook has been facing a variety of allegations recently. Among these allegations, including their advertising and data-sharing practices.

Singing Improves Mental Health

The next time someone makes a remark about your singing voice, regardless of the occasion, use stats to defend yourself: Singing has been found to reduce symptoms of asthma and improve mental health, especially if you sing in a group. 

Video Games May Be Able To Help Children Who Have Sensory and Attention Problems

Great news for video game enthusiasts! A study conducted at the University of California in San Francisco has discovered that video games may be able to help children who have sensory and attention problems.

This Amusement Park is Autism-Friendly

Amusement and theme parks are extremely fun destinations that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Families and friends alike love going to theme parks, as it is a very popular American pastime to do so.

Momstrology: How the Stars Can Help You Bring Out the Best in Your Child

Undeniably, having kids is a lot of fun. But every parent also knows that parenthood comes with a whole lot of unexpected surprises and messiness.

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