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Newly Pregnant Blake Lively is Keeping the Paparazzi at Bay in a Clever Way

Blake Lively announced she’s expecting baby number four with Ryan Reynolds last week, and the news quickly took the internet by storm. What should’ve...

Great At Home Birthday Party Ideas For Your Kids

Never quite sure what’s the best way to celebrate your child’s birthday? Looking for something a little creative that’s doesn’t require spending tons of money? Well, there are many simple and fun ways that you can create a birthday party for your child that he/she won’t ever forget from the comfort of your own home.

Why Your Kid Should Grow Up Playing A Sport

Have you considered getting your child into a sport to keep them active but wasn’t sure if it was worth all the time and effort? Well, although having a kid that plays a sport can be a very large time commitment, the benefits that come out of it make it very well worth it. Growing up playing a sport, kids will gain a wide variety of physical, mental, and social skills most people wouldn’t expect them to.

What To Do If Your Little One Gets Chickenpox

Statistically, 9 out of 10 people gets the chickenpox before age 30. Here’s what to do when, not if, your child becomes infected.

Which Baby Accessories You Should Splurge On

Once companies cottoned on that babies are consumers too, albeit tiny ones, the number of products out there has skyrocketed. Each new toy or gadget or gimmick swears that it is a must-have and your baby’s life will not be complete without it.

This Is How To Get Your Kids To Eat A Healthy Meal

We all know that kids love candy and junk food but as soon as they see something green on their plates, their little mouths seem to lock up. This is why many parents struggle to feed their kids something that is actually healthy and nutritious for them.

Zendaya’s Mom is Mom Goals

We know it is often hard to remember that stars have parents just like we do, and even harder to remember that these parents often miss their kids. Famous actress and singer, Zendaya’s mom is no exception.

Lake Tahoe Is The Perfect Family Vacation Spot

Looking for a fun new vacation spot to swim in the warm blue beaches in the summer but ski the action packed mountains in the winter? Lake Tahoe is just the place for you.

Enjoying the Time Spent with Your Kids

We may not know how to slow down time, but we do know how to make the time we do have you’re your kids more enjoyable for everyone involved. Here are our top tips.

Raise Your Child To Be Happy By These 7 Secret Tips

Make your child feel connected and you will be sure their well being is promoted by your emotional connection. Never forget other family members, friends, neighbors, daycare providers, even pets. Connecting your child to their world will fill them with happiness - a feeling of being loved, understood, wanted, acknowledged — emerged as by far the biggest protector against emotional distress, suicidal thoughts, and risky behaviors including smoking, drinking, and using drugs.

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