Momstrology: How the Stars Can Help You Bring Out the Best in Your Child

Undeniably, having kids is a lot of fun. But every parent also knows that parenthood comes with a whole lot of unexpected surprises and messiness.

Today’s parents face various challenges when it comes to raising their kids. Some of these problems are as old as time while others were unheard of only fifty years ago.

Fortunately, parents, especially moms, can turn to the stars for guidance. Momstrology is a book filled with information that can help parents discover and understand the different factors that surround the parent and kid relationship. If you’re struggling to deal with your children, perhaps knowing how to read a birth chart can make a big difference.

The birth chart analysis, or commonly known as the astrological chart assessment, offers parents an intelligent way of making informed decisions. The information gathered on the position of the planets and the stars when a kid was born works like an instruction manual.

The identical twin sisters Ophira and Tali Edut, also known as the AstroTwins, have taken a look and analyzed the link between astrology and parenting.

Their observations and findings include information about how parents can understand themselves better, what are their strengths and weaknesses, what are their kids’ personalities and how parents and kids can best relate to each other.

Experience the Difference With the Help of the Stars!

Since astrology is such a complex subject, the Astrotwins worked on making each and every detail in this book informative, thoughtful, easy to read and fun.

Every topic is organized under their respective categories, including every possible mom/child combination. Moreover, the book has valuable sections that provide information for dads and caregivers as well.

Momstrology: How the Stars Can Help You Bring Out the Best in Your Child

If you’re quite reluctant to believe that kids come with a set of instructions, check out what the AstroTwins had prepared for you.

From the earliest stage to the time kids are able to pick their own hobbies and activities, Momstrology offers a unique and complete guide in understanding every action made at different phases.

The valuable information can work as your clues to decipher the mood of your kids, the thing they like and dislike, how they deal with their siblings, how they deal with limits, rules, authority and more. Moms are falling in line to have this book as it offers precious insight that can make parenting the most thrilling and most enjoyable profession in the world!

For an even deeper understanding, we recommend doing your child and your own natal chart to see how the stars influence you. 

Your Ruling Planet is a great resource for this information and gives you personalized data based on the time and place you or your child was born.