Two Hidden Types Of Abuse To Look Out For

Unfortunately, there are many relationships where the two parties involved just should not be together. People cope with stress and problems differently, and sometimes this can culminate into relationships that are not only dysfunctional but also scarily abusive. Many people hear the term abusive and think it directly translates to the term “punch” or “hit” or “shove”. However, while these terms are indicative of physical abuse, there are other forms of abuse to be wary of as well.

Along with the largely acknowledged physical abuse, the two other forms of abuse to look out for in your friends’ or your own relationships are mental abuse and sexual abuse. Mental abuse is constituted by manipulation, lies, deceit, and other factors that can deteriorate trust in a relationship. Along with this, manipulation by one partner to isolate the other person from their friends and family is a theme that is common among abusive relationships.

Along with mental abuse, sexual abuse can be present in a relationship. People don’t always think of this type of abuse for people who are in a consensual relationship because, well, it is a consensual relationship. However, sometimes even people who are technically together may get too aggressive or demanding of their partner, and this can result in assault and unwanted sexual advances, even if the two people are dating.

These different types of abuse are all very important to be aware of, even if your relationship seems perfect. If your partner constantly makes threatening sexual demands or tries to subconsciously tear down your confidence so that you won’t leave them, you very well could be a victim of an abusive relationship and it’s time to either get out or get help.