Best Tips for Organizing Your Towels and Linens

Ever opened your linen closet only to be greeted by a tumbling tower of towels? Organizing towels and linens might not sound glamorous, but it can seriously upgrade your daily life and even give your linens a longer lifespan. Let’s dive in.

Categorize Your Items

Group your linens and towels by type and usage. Keep bed linens separate from bath towels and table linens. Within each category, you can further organize items by size, color, or set. This categorization makes it easier to find what you need quickly and keeps your closet or cupboard tidy.

Fold for Visibility and Accessibility

Folding your towels and linens properly can help you maximize space and maintain accessibility. For towels, try the spa-style roll or a neat rectangular fold. Stack them vertically, so you can see each towel easily without disrupting the stack. For sheets, fold sets together, and tuck them inside one of the pillowcases from the set. 

Use Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers are incredibly useful in linen closets. They help maintain neat piles and prevent stacks from toppling over. Use dividers to separate different types of linens and to create a specific place for each category. This simple addition can make a big difference in maintaining order.