To Sleep Or To Gym

Why You Need A Weighted Blanket

Those who struggle with disorders such as insomnia and anxiety are often reluctant to try medication to help with it. Either they are reluctant, or medication does not to seem help in anyway. Weighted blankets are shown to help with managing these disorders.

Why You Should Be Getting Your Kids Involved In Group Projects

Working with groups to complete different tasks is something that you will most likely have to do throughout many stages of your life. From science fair projects to college presentations, to client pitches, working with a team is something that you have to be good at in order to be successful in many facets of life.

To Sleep Or To Gym

It’s so hard getting up in the morning and going to the gym when your bed is just. so. comfy. Work out or sleep more? You know you could lay under your warm covers for hours on end, but at the end of the day, you’ll feel guilty for not hitting that gym time that you promised yourself you’d reach. It’s one of the biggest struggles of someone’s everyday life. But what if it turns out that you shouldn’t feel guilty for staying in bed a little extra longer instead of the gym? According to the experts, getting enough sleep can be just as beneficial for your health and your weight as going to the gym can be. Not getting enough sleep each night actually results in having a higher body fat percentage. Dr. Guy Meadows says, "Sleeping less than 7-8 hours per night is linked to higher percent body fat. Research suggests that people who average 6 hours per night are 27% more likely to be overweight." He stresses, "Those who average 5 hours per night are 73% more likely to be overweight.” Sleep is the base on which a healthy mind and body stand. From your immune function to your mood, energy, appetite and dozens of other health variables, if that base is wobbly, your health will suffer.

Lake Arrowhead is the Perfect Family Vacation Spot

Lake Arrowhead, located in the San Bernardino Mountains of California, is an absolutely stunning place for a family vacation! If you and your family are looking for a change of scenery, this is the right place for you.

Living With Toddlers

Experts have noticed a growing trend of women parenting two toddlers under two years of age. It has emerged that over half of women at parenting centers plan pregnancies close together. This is actually a convenience because you can do potty training, diaper training, and sleep training all at once, and the children can play together. According to some parents, close sibling spacing reduces the time away from their career or paying for child care.