When Kids Realize Their Parents are Extraordinary

Not every child of a famous parent grows up realizing they are the offspring of a bona fide celebrity. In fact, some had no idea whatsoever until they were made aware of their mom or dad’s fame in some truly memorable ways. Both angelic and troublesome celebrity kids react the same way when they find out their parents are famous: with shock and awe. It’s something of a testament to how they were raised.

The oldest Beckham child, Brooklyn, was in the spotlight from a young age and was always being photographed while out and about with his mom and dad. But it wasn’t until he was 13 that he first understood his dad was England’s most famous soccer star. When the two attended a game together, the crowd went nuts for his dad.

“People were shouting my dad’s name and I was like, ‘What?! Oh my God. I don’t look at [my parents] like that,'” Brooklyn said.

And the Spice Girls may no longer be a chart-topping sensation, but they are still reaching new fans. At just six years old, Harper Beckham learned her mother, Victoria, was part of one of the biggest girl groups in music history.

There is perhaps no more iconic celebrity of the 20th century than Michael Jackson. His kids had to know just who their dad was, right? Not so, insists Prince Jackson. He didn’t get who Michael was until he watched him perform and took in the audience’s reaction. “Even today, I don’t think it holds the same weight to us because he was our father,” Prince Jackson explained to Good Morning America.

When he was younger, he saw videos of his father performing before the celebrity status hit him. “What blew my mind was when I saw these big, muscle-bound dudes fainting and having to be dragged out, so I was like, ‘OK, there’s something else going on here.'”