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The Sneaky Way Tobacco Is Being Marketed to Your Kids on Facebook

Facebook has been facing a variety of allegations recently. Among these allegations, including their advertising and data-sharing practices.

Singing Improves Mental Health

The next time someone makes a remark about your singing voice, regardless of the occasion, use stats to defend yourself: Singing has been found to reduce symptoms of asthma and improve mental health, especially if you sing in a group. 

Video Games May Be Able To Help Children Who Have Sensory and Attention Problems

Great news for video game enthusiasts! A study conducted at the University of California in San Francisco has discovered that video games may be able to help children who have sensory and attention problems.

This Amusement Park is Autism-Friendly

Amusement and theme parks are extremely fun destinations that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Families and friends alike love going to theme parks, as it is a very popular American pastime to do so.

Momstrology: How the Stars Can Help You Bring Out the Best in Your Child

Undeniably, having kids is a lot of fun. But every parent also knows that parenthood comes with a whole lot of unexpected surprises and messiness.

Mastering the Art of the School Drop Off

You are up early, it is time to drop off the kids at school! Start your engine, prepare the breakfast, pack the bags and take the most suitable route possible. As a work at home mum or dad, someone has to take responsibility. Find the positive in the drop-off. You’re taking control and showing your kids responsibility and good time management.

Being Negative to Others Actually Brings You Down

Negativity is one of the easiest ways for people to kill friendships. If you are excessively negative and give off bad vibes to those around you, you should expect for your network of friends to dwindle very quickly. Asserting your negative energy and allowing it to encompass all that you do is never beneficial.

Winning the Bedtime Battle with Your Kids

Kids never want to go to bed early and then it is impossible to wake them up the next morning. It is always a battle to get them to bed at the right time: Suddenly, they are not tired, they are hungry, want to play more, ask for another fairytale or for another cartoon episode. Well, we have the strategy for you so that you will win the bedtime battle with your younger kids and older ones.

Two Hidden Types Of Abuse To Look Out For

Unfortunately, there are many relationships where the two parties involved just should not be together. People cope with stress and problems differently, and sometimes this can culminate into relationships that are not only dysfunctional but also scarily abusive. Many people hear the term abusive and think it directly translates to the term “punch” or “hit” or “shove”. However, while these terms are indicative of physical abuse, there are other forms of abuse to be wary of as well.

5 Healthy After School Recipes

Kids can work up quite an appetite after a long day at school. Instead of resorting to the easy junk food option, here are a few easy recipes that are both nutritious and delicious.

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