Being Negative to Others Actually Brings You Down


Negativity is one of the easiest ways for people to kill friendships. If you are excessively negative and give off bad vibes to those around you, you should expect for your network of friends to dwindle very quickly. Asserting your negative energy and allowing it to encompass all that you do is never beneficial.

Having the ability to vent to your friends is extremely important for your own mental sanity. Venting allows you to get some steam off your chest and allows you to share your emotions with friends. Venting is allowed to be negative because when you are venting to someone, the situation in which you are talking about whatever problem may have occurred is never going to be a good one.

However, when your negativity travels over from the understandably negative venting session, people, even your closest friends, may try to distance themselves from you.

Being Negative to Others Actually Brings You Down

Negative energy drives people away because no one in their right mind enjoys being sad or in a bad mood. Some people, unfortunately, feel the need to drag everyone’s mood down with their own. For example, some friends are innately incapable of being happy for others. And while this is just a poor attitude to have, it starts to affect friendships when you can’t show genuine enthusiasm for people that you supposedly care about.

So many times, people who are miserable with their own lives find satisfaction with bringing down those closest to them. These people will ultimately have a problem developing their own personal relationships and will become even more miserable. It is important to be conscientious of your attitude towards others.

And, if you find yourself displaying any of these characteristics or repeated action patterns associated with negativity, maybe take a look internally and try to work on yourself from within.

And if that’s not working, seeing a psychologist will not only help you become a more positive person to be around but can also genuinely make you a more positive and optimistic person.