Winning the Bedtime Battle with Your Kids

Kids never want to go to bed early and then it is impossible to wake them up the next morning. It is always a battle to get them to bed at the right time: Suddenly, they are not tired, they are hungry, want to play more, ask for another fairytale or for another cartoon episode. Well, we have the strategy for you so that you will win the bedtime battle with your younger kids and older ones.

Winning the Bedtime Battle with Your Kids

Before bedtime, have a quiet time in the house. Avoid letting them play video games or computer at least half an hour before bedtime. Don’t do any manual and noisy work at bedtime, let them get tired and sleepy in a quiet environment.

Also, teach your kids to set their own alarm clock so that they will realize that they will have to wake up early and they will be tired without enough hours of sleep. For older kids, we have different rules.

The issue with them does not get in bed, but what they will do in their rooms after bedtime. So here’s an important factor: Rules around bedtime with teens really depend on whether they get up on time in the morning. If they do, there’s no need to be strict and tell them what to do in their own bedroom. However, if they don’t you have to make some changes.

You need to take the electronics away from the bedroom. How do you do that? You can take the game controls of their video game, their phone or the mouse or keyboard of the computer. Or, if you have enough space, you can put all these electronic items in a “game room” so that he won’t be around them at night.

Good luck with your battle!