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How to Make Museum Visits With Your Kids More Fun

Museums visits are one of the essential parts of travel, but it’s always not easy to enjoy them when you're on the road with...

Here Are Some Chores Your Kid Can Do Based On Their Age

If you feel like you’re doing literally everything around the house, including picking up after your very capable kids, know that it doesn’t have to be that way. It makes some parents feel guilty to give their children mundane responsibilities like taking out the garbage, and some moms follow the "if I do it, it'll get done faster and better" mode of thinking. But the truth is, our children can, and probably should, handle more than we think.

5 Airport Hacks Every Young Parent Should Know

Probably one of the most daunting tasks as a young parent is taking your kids on a long haul trip, and even more daunting - on an airplane. Perhaps you have seen the cute tweets or Instagram posts about parents handing out bags of candy and earplugs to their fellow traveling companions, in a plea to keep them from complaining about a screaming kid.

Why You Need A Weighted Blanket

Those who struggle with disorders such as insomnia and anxiety are often reluctant to try medication to help with it. Either they are reluctant, or medication does not to seem help in anyway. Weighted blankets are shown to help with managing these disorders.

These Countries Have Weird Rules to Regulate Baby Names

One of the most thrilling aspects of being pregnant with a baby on the was is the prospect of choosing the perfect name for your unborn child. And while this task can be pretty fun, it can also be a bit daunting. Do you choose a traditional name of a family member who has passed?

4 Ways to Tackle Parental Burnout

Parental burnout has become a serious issue in fast-paced developed economies, where individuals are put under enormous pressure in their everyday lives. Its symptoms include emotional detachment from your family, irritability, depression, and lack of motivation to go on with your daily routine. If any of these symptoms sound familiar to you, you may be suffering from excessive stress as a parent.  Here is what to do:

One Idaho School is Taking Learning Out of the Classroom

There is no doubt that modern education has helped to greatly increase the total knowledge of humankind, but at what cost?

Breastfeeding Can Reduce Diabetes Risk

New scientific and medical research studies seem to be introduced into the field every day. These studies examine numerous subjects ranging from consumption of which fruit best prevents cancer growth in rats to which color will increase a person’s mood the most during the winter. These various research studies can offer valuable insights for how to treat a wide range of medical conditions to even giving consumers an idea of what foods to purchase to live and enjoy a healthier life.

How to Tell Your Going to Have Another Baby

1. If you just can’t seem to get those old baby clothes to the charity, you’re holding on to them for the next one.

Ideas for Quality Time with your Grade Schooler

As a parent, getting your child to spend quality time with you might feel impossible. While some kids love hanging out with their parents, others prefer to steer clear and only hang out with friends outside of the house. Regardless of what your kid is like, it is important for you to have time for the two of you to talk, bond, and simply be together. We at Parentz Talk have pulled together some ideas of how you can spend some time with your kid so that you both are able to enjoy. Quality time at the grade school age is very important because they are developing and learning more about themselves. You are a crucial part of their life and impact them greatly!

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