How to Start a Herb Garden With Your Kids

Gardening is a fantastic activity for families. It’s a blend of outdoor fun and hands-on learning. Starting a herb garden with your kids not only teaches them about where their food comes from but also instills a sense of responsibility and care for the environment. Here’s how you can get your little green thumbs growing herbs in no time.

Select Easy-to-Grow Herbs

Start with herbs that are forgiving and easy to grow, which is encouraging for young gardeners. Some great starter herbs are basil, mint, and parsley. 

Planting Together

Teach your kids how to handle small seeds or delicate seedlings carefully. Show them how deep to plant each herb. This is also a great opportunity to teach them about how roots grow and why plants need water and sunlight.

Create a Watering Schedule

Help your kids understand the importance of regular care for their garden by creating a watering schedule. Let them take turns watering the herbs, teaching them about the needs of different plants. 

Enjoy the Harvest

As your herbs grow, find simple recipes to cook with them. Try adding fresh basil to spaghetti or making a mint tea. Let your kids help in the kitchen, using the herbs they’ve grown to flavor the food.