7 Reasons All New Moms Cry

Ever notice new moms at the grocery store or the park with tear-stained peepers? Here’s a peek into their crazy lives to explain just why they cry so much.

1. Happy happy, joy joy!

The overwhelming happiness at becoming a mommy for the very first time is sometimes too emotional for some women, and this emotion comes out through tears. For those of you who aren’t yet parents it’s a difficult feeling to explain, but its real and it’s strong!

2. Coffee anyone?

Just as strong as the overwhelming happiness is the overwhelming exhaustion that comes with a baby. The little tyke’s schedule can be totally wrecked, sleeping for only 2 or 3 hours at a time, so normal sleep hours are something parents can only dream about…if they had time to dream.

3. Milk time!

While popular media portrays breastfeeding to be a seamless connection between mother and child, in reality, it’s hardly easy. New momma can feel distressed, disappointed and discouraged when the baby doesn’t correctly latch on or get adequate milk, and this can result in an emotional meltdown.

4. Hormone overdrive

The hormones that get revved up during pregnancy don’t disappear immediately after labor. These leftover emotional chemicals can lead to mental imbalance and lots and lots of tears.

5.  Nosy neighbors

Isn’t it funny how when you have a child, complete strangers suddenly become way too interested in how you should be raising them? Nudging grandmothers and other experienced parents can offer advice that, while meant with good intentions, can seem too intrusive and leave new mom’s crying due to feelings of inadequacy.

6. “Raising Babies for Dummies”

Even parents who prepared for months before the birth with books, classes and videos are left feeling unsure the moment an infant leaves the womb. Mommies everywhere cry because they simply have no idea what they’re doing!

7. No reason at all

Okay, we just gave you six reasons mothers may be crying, but if all else fails just remember – they may be crying for no reason at all! I mean they just grew a human inside of them and pushed it out- do they need a reason?