3 Struggles Every Mom Keeps to Herself

Some of us have had the joy of becoming a parent and have loved this job every step of the way, except for those moments when parenting becomes the hardest thing in the world.

10 Kids Who Look Exactly Like Their Celebrity Parents

Some kids are the exact same spitting image of their parents. Forget plastic surgery, sometimes, it's all about genetics. And there's no doubt that the best celebrity doppelgängers are their kids! Think of Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson, the two look exactly the same despite the age difference.

3 Easy Ways to Help Your Kid Ease Into Their Back-to-School Routine

It’s that time of the year when everyone is shaken by back-to-school anxiety—both parents and kids. Going back to school is a huge change...

What To Do After Your Child Makes a Mistake

Welcome to parenting where mistakes are inevitable as your child is maturing and as you’re becoming an established parent. As a parent, it’s more satisfactory and basically easier to direct your energy on grabbing some lessons from the mistakes rather than pushing too hard to avoid them.

Great At Home Birthday Party Ideas For Your Kids

Never quite sure what’s the best way to celebrate your child’s birthday? Looking for something a little creative that’s doesn’t require spending tons of money? Well, there are many simple and fun ways that you can create a birthday party for your child that he/she won’t ever forget from the comfort of your own home.