Couple on TikTok Goes Viral After Creating Gothic Nursery for Their Children


Themed nurseries are not a novelty in the world of home décor, but one couple on TikTok took this trend to new heights. E.V. Rogina and her wife Monica Ventura went viral after sharing a look inside a gothic nursery for their newborn twins.

Rogina is the mastermind behind the TikTok page E.V. Dreadful, and she took this social media platform by storm with her gothic-themed content. One of her latest videos showed her decorating a nursery for her 11-week-old babies with Ventura, which includes everything from gray walls and black furniture to ghost-shaped pillows and horror-inspired decorations.

The couple’s nursery was met with an overwhelmingly positive response, but some people felt that they were “pushing the gothic agenda” by decorating it this way. The couple believes there’s not much difference between other themed nurseries in bright colors and their own, and they simply wanted to use this room to show their kids who they are until they’re old enough to redecorate it on their own.

“Right now, it’s for us. The nursery is nice, it’s beautiful, it’s calming. But one day, the babies are going to have an opinion. And I’m going to go with it and support whatever it is that they want to do. That’s what a parent’s job is,” Rogina told Insider.

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