John Mulaney Says Fatherhood Made Him “Dumber” But “Happier”

John Mulaney has a special talent to put a funny twist on pretty much every topic—and parenting is no exception. The beloved stand-up comedian recently discussed the impact fatherhood had on his life and said it made him “dumber” but “happier”.

Mulaney recently appeared on Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend podcast and explained how his priorities changed since he became a parent. He said that he used to spin out about many things and be “so clever” and “so curated” before, but his son Malcolm is now the only thing on his mind.

Mulaney became a household name in the world of comedy thanks to his hilarious stand-up specials, but the only person he wants to make laugh right now is his son when he gets home.

“All my anxieties are poured into him as well, in a good way I think. Also being a parent has made me dumb. My thoughts are extremely simple now and on a 20-month-old level. And that has made me 1000 times happier,” explained Mulaney.

Mulaney started dating Olivia Munn in 2021, and they welcomed their son Malcolm in November year. The stand-up comedian was very open about the positive impact they had on his life and previously told Seth Meyers that they “saved him from himself” on his journey to recovery.