Parents Reveal a Heartwarming Tradition for Their Daughter’s Birthday


TikToker Maude Carrier-Pion recently shared a heartwarming tradition that she and her husband have for their daughter’s birthday. And it is so amazing that you will want to try it out, too.

In a video shared on her TikTok profile, Carrier-Pion and her husband can be seen sitting at a table under the candlelight. Each of them has a pen and paper in hand, and they seem to be going through a lot of emotions, ranging from tears to laughs. The text across the video explains what is happening.

“For the first year of our daughter, we decided to start a tradition. We’ll write a letter to her every year on the night before her birthday. When she’s older, she’ll read our favorite moments with her,” the text says. 

The video ended up getting a lot of attention on TikTok, receiving six million views and a lot of praise from other users. And judging by the comments, it is a tradition that their daughter will cherish.

“My dad did this for me. I got them all on my 21st it was so incredibly amazing. My most treasured item,” @jaydenatasha commented.

What do you think about this tradition? Is it something you would consider doing?