Dad Shares a Heartwarming Story About Two Random Teenagers Playing with His Son


Modern teenagers usually get a bad rep, but one dad from Montana thinks all the best about the new generation of teens. His reason for this will amaze you.

TikTok user The Bearded Bard recently uploaded a video on the social media platform in which he shared a heartwarming story about how two random teenagers played with his son at a trampoline park.

The video features footage of the interaction showing how teens helped the TikToker’s son properly jump and watched him to ensure the 7-year-old didn’t get hurt. The teens went on to spend “approximately” 45 minutes playing with the boy and even tried to help him do a flip.

“They did all the jumping with him; they made sure to catch him if he was going to fall,” The Bearded Bard says at one point in the video. “They had the best time, they were cracking up the whole time and helping him bounce higher.”

The video, which was uploaded earlier in April, quickly went viral and received 1.3 million views. Other TikTok users ended up joining the praise of the teens in the comments section.

“Their parents raised them right! One hell of a heart warming moment,” one TikToker wrote.

“Raised well. Great job boys and parents,” another added.