Watch Kylie Jenner and Her Daughter Stormi Reenact Scene From “White Lotus”


Kylie Jenner likes to give her social media followers a glimpse into her life as a parent, and most of the time, it’s quite entertaining and relatable stuff. Just recently, Jenner shared a clip in which she reenacts one scene from HBO’s hit series White Lotus with her daughter Stormi.

The video starts with Jenner and Stormi sitting in a car.

“What are you doing?” lip-syncs Stormi as she watches her mom.

“Texting,” lip syncs Jenner while looking all nervous. 

“Texting who?” Stormi asks.

“My sister,” Jenner responds.

Stormi then proceeds to give her mom a chilling glare that makes Jenner even more anxious.

“When ur kid gets to that age, and you no longer have any privacy,” Jenner wrote in the video.


when ur kid gets to that age and you no longer have any privacy 😅😅😅😅 #momlife

♬ original sound – HBO

The clip blew up on social media, receiving more than 80 million views in just a week. People were impressed with Stormi’s delivery, saying that she nailed the part and predicting her career in acting.

If you haven’t watched White Lotus (you definitely should), check out the clip below to see how well the mom and daughter duo captured the feel of the original scene.