Watch an Adorable 2-Year-Old Join His Sister’s Cheerleading Squad at a Football Game


The world of cheerleading has a new star. One adorable 2-year-old recently decided to join his sister’s cheerleading squad for a middle school football game, showing impressive skills and amazing the internet in the process.

The toddler’s mom Michelle Rodriguez captured the whole thing on camera and shared it on TikTok, where the video got more than 13 million views by date. The 2-year-old can be seen waving his silver pom poms and doing a great job in following the choreography.

At one point, one of the cheerleaders jumps in the air and does a leg split, and the toddler decides to try to do the same, earning applause from the stands.

“When you’re 2 but have watched too many cheer practices in the living room,” Rodriguez wrote in the text displayed at the beginning of the video.

Other parents were thrilled with the toddler’s skills and cheerleading enthusiasm.

“I’m not even gona lie I’d show up just to watch him steal the show,” one TikTok user commented.

“As a youth cheer coach, this is my favorite!!! I love so much when the little brothers or sisters joining in!” added another one.

We can’t wait for this cheering enthusiast to grow up and shows us more of his skills.