How Motherhood Inspired Paris Hilton & Sia’s New Song Collab

Paris Hilton and Sia recently joined forces for the song “Fame Won’t Love You”, and its lyrics were strongly impacted by their experience with motherhood. The duo opened up about the meaning of this song in a recent interview and explained how motherhood impacted their relationship with fame.

“Fame won’t love you like a mother, like a father should” is one of the most impactful lines from this song, set to be featured on Sia’s new album Reasonable Woman. Hilton celebrated the release of their collaboration by sharing a visualizer that shows her spending time with her husband Carter Reum and their two children, a son Phoenix and a daughter London.

Hilton discussed the meaning behind this song with Billboard alongside Sia and explained how her priorities changed when she became a mom.

“I put so much of my self-worth and happiness on things like fame or beauty and things that in the long run don’t matter as much as family. Now, with becoming a wife and a mother with my son and my daughter, I know what’s important in life and what really makes me feel happy,” said Hilton.

Sia also said that motherhood changed her relationship with fame, telling Billboard it’s better than getting an award, singing with someone she’s admired for years, or having people clap at her singing and laugh at her jokes.