Halle Bailey Gets Candid About Dealing with Postpartum Depression

Many mothers face postpartum depression after giving birth, and speaking about it openly can help end the stigma surrounding this condition. That’s why Halle Bailey decided to speak up after giving birth to her son and open up about the severe postpartum depression she’s been dealing with.

The notoriously private actress never officially announced her pregnancy before revealing she gave birth to baby boy Halo in early January. Despite not feeling the need to share the details of her pregnancy before her son was born, The Little Mermaid star decided to speak more openly about her postpartum experience.

In a recent video she shared on social media, Bailey admitted she’s been dealing with severe postpartum depression since giving birth, adding she’s been feeling like a completely different person in the past few months.

“I didn’t realize how serious of a thing it actually was. Now going through it, it almost feels like you’re swimming in this ocean that’s like the biggest waves you’ve ever felt and you’re trying not to drown. And you’re trying to come up for air,” she explained.

Bailey also added that her postpartum depression has nothing to do with her baby, but with who she is right now. She also revealed that spending time on social media has been triggering during this time, adding it’s not a good place to be when you’re dealing with his condition.