Kids Surprise Their Mom With a Makeover of Her Messy Garden


Having children is a blessing, and a recent viral clip by TikTok user Rochelle Linaker perfectly captures that. The clip shows how her kids decided to surprise her by giving her messy garden a makeover.

According to Linaker, she recently had struggles with mental health and depression that didn’t allow her to treat her garden the way she would like. This allowed nature to take over and make the outdoor space a bit chaotic.

Linaker’s daughter is pregnant and had an idea to do a gender reveal party in the family’s garden, but its state wasn’t the most welcoming place for that. This prompted her 16-year-old son and the rest of the children to take it upon themselves to do something about it.

They cut all the grass and overgrown plants, cleaned up the garbage, and washed the pavements with a power washer. Their efforts resulted in a makeover that amazed Linaker and more than four million people that watched her clip.

“I have the best children,” Linaker wrote in the caption of the video.

Linaker also shared some footage of the gender reveal party that took place in the transformed garden, and the place looks really special.