Heartwarming Video Captures Dad Calming His Upset Daughter in the Most Loving Way Possible


Sometimes, when kids make bad decisions, they have a hard time accepting that there are consequences for them. But while it is important for them to learn this as it will do them good later in life, parents need to do their best to offer them support and help them navigate through these moments.

Digital creator and licensed therapist Kier Gaines recently shared a heartwarming video in which he is calming down his upset daughter in the most loving way possible. As it turns out, Gaines’ daughter “made a decision that lost her a fun privilege” and “took it pretty hard.”

In the video, Gaines can be heard telling his daughter that bad decisions don’t make her a bad person and that bad decisions can be a learning opportunity.

After his daughter tells him she is “still mad” at herself, Gaines acknowledges her feelings and offers more encouragement. He says she is doing a “good job” in learning “hard lessons” about growing up and that “it is not the end of the world.” 

“I’m becoming a fan of allowing my kids to go through and process tough emotions without swooping in to save them necessarily. Just provide a little guidance, reassurance, and love,” Gaines shared in the caption of the video which got millions of views since being posted back in April.

Check out Gaines’ heartwarming interaction with his daughter below.