Dog Learned to Notify Humans When It’s Time to Change Their Baby’s Diapers


New parents need every help they can get to make sure their baby is well taken care of. For example, San Diego-based couple Sheena and Sunit Shah are relying on their beloved four-legged family member Sapphie to provide them assistance, and according to a recent viral video posted on TikTok, the dog is doing a great job.

Sheena and Sunit run a TikTok profile on which they post all sorts of clips that showcase Sapphie’s ability to communicate with them through dog training buttons.

In one of those clips, Sapphie can be seen approaching the baby crib and getting a good sniff. She immediately notices there is a dirty diaper that needs to be changed, so she runs to the training buttons and presses two that have pre-recorded messages: “Poop” and “Change Diaper”.  

When Sunit gets to the baby crib, he confirms Sapphie’s observation and gets immediately to work as any other dad would.

The video became a huge hit on social media, getting close to 35 million views in just a couple of days. Other TikTok users were impressed with Sapphie, and some even jokingly suggested taking her training further.

“Now ya just got teach Sapphie how to change them!” one user wrote.

This video goes to show that having pets around can make parenting a lot easier. Even if they can’t change diapers or notify you when there is a need to change them, they can provide kids with a playmate and a trusty companion as they grow up.