Booking a Bassinet For a Flight Is a Bit Tricky

Are you getting ready for a traveling adventure with your little one? As excited as you must be, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to book a bassinet on the flight, just to make things a bit easier. However, actually doing it is a lot more complicated than it needs to be. There are a few moving parts that you should consider in advance, and here’s what they are.

First Come, First Serve

Ultimately, there are two things you can do to try and get a bassinet for your baby. The first is to arrive before everyone else to the airport, because according to most airlines, the bassinets are given out on a “first come, first serve” basis. If you get one, they’ll put you in the seats where the bassinets go, and kick out the ones who sit there. However, this doesn’t always work.

Booking the Seats

Since the previous option doesn’t always work, another thing you can do is to buy the seats yourself. Then you just have to hope that no one else shows up and kicks you out. The way to prevent that is to do both. Buy the right seats, and also come as early as possible to the airport to ensure you have your bassinet.