Parenting Expert Shares Her One Rule on Teens and Technology

Many parents are struggling to find appropriate ways to limit technology’s impact on their teenagers. Looking to help those parents, psychologist Lisa Damour shared a video on her social media in which she shared her one rule on teens and technology.

According to Damour, who is the author of three New York Times bestselling parenting books, if parents want to make just one rule about their use of technology for their teens, it should be that technology isn’t allowed in their bedroom. She proceeded to give three reasons for that.

The first reason is that without technology in their bedrooms, teenagers can get a better sleep.

“We know there’s a huge link between quality sleep and quality mental health,” Damour explains.

Next, Damour says that having their technology use confined to public spaces will make teens more cautious about it and make them remember that everything they do on the internet is in some manner public.

Lastly, it prevents teens from doing something they might regret later.

“Some of the most regrettable things I have seen teenagers do with their technology have been things that they do in the middle of the night, at like one in the morning when their brakes are weak, their impulses are strong,” Damour adds.

You can check out her video on teens and technology in full below.