Tips to Stop Your Baby From Crying in the Car

When you become a parent, one thing that becomes clear is that getting from point A to point B with your child isn’t always a piece of cake. One of the reasons for that is that babies, like the rest of us, can get pretty antsy on long drives—and this can lead them to cry and whine. It’s not always easy to get them to refrain from doing so, but here are a couple of tips that may help along the way.

Bring Their Favorite Toys

The first thing to remember is that you should always have a few of your baby’s favorite toys on hand. It’s truly amazing what a well-intentioned toy can do in the right circumstances. They might not be fun for you, but to your baby, they’re like the coolest things on the planet and may stop them from crying.

Play Their Favorite Music

Their favorite song can also stop them from crying. Even if they don’t have a favorite song, if there is a style of music that they are particularly fond of, such as a soft lullaby or even a random band that you would never expect, this can also stop them from crying at a moment’s notice.