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Top 5 Things You Need In Your “Dad Bag”

Welcome to fatherhood! You may have been an absolute angel for the past nine months supporting your partner with back rubs, late night runs to the supermarket for ice cream, and undying love and affection, but your job is far from over.

Why You Should Take More Pictures of Your Kids

Growing up I hated posing for pictures. Everywhere we’d go my parents would want to snap a picture of the rest of my family and me. I didn’t understand it, did we really need proof that we ate together at Burger King on March 14th, 1993? As a child I was fidgety, and as a teen, I was cynical and viewed everything as pointless.

How to Raise Stable Teens

Teenage is usually the stage in life that people start to form their self-image. For the first time in their young lives, they’re free to be stimulated by things of their own choosing. It is when they’re given the freedom to spend time with their own friends, wear the clothes that they wish, and consumer culture that they’re interested in.

Five Books to Help With Potty Training

You’ve got the first word and the first step, but now your child is getting to the age where you need to start thinking less on when you’ll have to change the next diaper and more on when your child will need to use the bathroom by themselves. It’s a scary time, but there are many resources parents can utilize to find the best way to potty train their child.

Inspiring Couple Adopts Four Children From Foster Care System

Reece and Rob Scheer are a charismatic, humble couple from Darnestown. The two men, who have repeatedly been told that they were unfit to be parents and that two gay men raising a family are essentially setting all of the kids up to be failures, decided to adopt a little girl and three boys, despite all of the hateful opinions surrounding this decision.

How Knowing More Languages Can Affect Your Child’s Personality

Knowing many languages really affects a young mind’s personality. Every language you learn opens up a whole new world, makes them multi-cultured and makes them explore sides and shades of themselves that they’ve only just discovered. This interesting concept was explored in an article published by The Economist.

The Gender Reveal Parties That are Sweeping the Nation

If you own a Facebook profile, odds are that you have seen at least a couple of sweet, gender reveal videos floating around your news feed. It seems as if every week, there is a new trend that emerges, whether it is related to parenting or not.

This Is When Your Kid Is Ready For Potty Training

How do you know when to start potty training? How can you tell if your child is ready? We prepared this easy-to-read checklist to assist you in deciding if this is the right time for the potty.

Children in Italy and Spain Sleep Less

In the United States, moms and dads measure their parenting skills and successes using a variety of methods. One indication that parents have succeeded in one aspect of setting their child up to live a healthy life that will undoubtedly enable them to grow into a successful future is by sticking to a strict bedtime routine.

Moving Past Anxiety

Some people like to talk about feelings as if they are unimportant. Do you remember the old saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? That saying perfectly encapsulates the philosophy that views physical injuries as something “real” and emotional injuries as “unreal.” Anxiety might be in your mind, but your mind is the core of your being.

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