Meghan Markle’s Chaotic Morning Routine With Two Toddlers is Super-Relatable

Meghan Markle recently launched her Archetypes podcast on Spotify and she’s giving us gold with each new episode. The mom of two discussed her morning routine with her husband Prince Harry and toddlers Archie and Lilibet, and it turns out they’re struggling as much as all the new parents out there.

Markle and Prince Harry are parents to two young toddlers: Archie, who is three, and Lilibet, who just turned one. She gave the rundown of the morning routine with her family of four and three dogs in one of the recent Archetypes episodes, and it turns out their mornings are pretty chaotic.

Markle revealed that she has monitors on for both of her kids so she can hear them at all times. Lili usually wakes up first, and Archie is up about half an hour later. She tends to start preparing his lunch box before Harry gets him downstairs and gives Lili “a little nibble” before preparing breakfast for the whole family.

The Duchess of Sussex said that morning feel like “a whirlwind”, especially since Lili started walking a few months ago. Luckily, Markle has great help from Prince Harry, and she described breakfast with her family as “the greatest way to start the morning” despite all the chaos and commotion.