Five Foods That Negatively Impact Your Child’s Mood

A child’s behavior and mood can easily be influenced by their diet, and even though sugar has been found to be the most frequent, mood-altering food isn’t limited to just sweets. The five following foods are some of the most common contributors to child behavior and mood:


Children may become cranky or irritable if he is diagnosed to be lactose intolerant or allergic to any of the proteins found in dairy.

Artificial Coloring

Linked to ADHD, anxiety, and hyperactivity in children, in addition to many more negative effects, artificial coloring has been banned from several countries.


Found in almost everything in an average child’s diet, sugar is known for causing hyperactivity in children. However, it is also a source of long-term health damage and is associated with disorders like depression, cognitive delay and sleep problems.


Many preservatives are known to cause mood and behavior changes, in addition, they also cause headaches and hyperactivity.

Food Allergens

It is important to determine the allergens in a child’s diet due to the fact that the intolerance can be often mistaken with other diagnoses. It is recommended to keep a food journal for you to keep a track of the meals and concerning behaviors in your child. You can try to remove certain foods you might find suspicious to see if the pattern changes. It is important to always make sure that your child is not suffering from something that could be avoided with ease.