Must Have Items For Potty Training

Potty training for the first time can be very overwhelming, especially with the mess and the baby’s cries. It’s easy to look around and ask yourself why-why is this so challenging, why isn’t your child potty trained when all of their friends are. While these thoughts may cause stress in the beginning, as long as you are prepared from the start, there will be nothing to worry about.

Having the necessities to potty training make it no longer a hassle, and could potentially even be fun! Some necessities that you may not immediately think of as useful are a seat reducer, easy on and off pants, waterproof mattress protector, and training underpants.

To start, a seat reducer sits on top of a traditional toilet seat and reduces it to a child-friendly size. This would replace buying an actual potty chair, as it is smaller and less expensive. Some people prefer this because it takes up almost no space, and kids feel like they’re using the toilet like a grown up. The only potential problem would be that this reducer occupies one of your toilets unless you’re okay with putting it on and removing it from the toilet constantly. If you decide to take this route, make sure to purchase a stool as well so the little ones can get up there.

Must Have Items For Potty Training

While sheets can be washed and accidents can be cleaned up, it is a lot harder to clean a soiled mattress. This problem can easily be prevented by purchasing a waterproof mattress cover, which fits on a mattress just like a fitted sheet would. These protectors are perfect for those who decide to potty train their child overnight.

The little things that help to make potty training run smoothly can easily be forgotten. Many people don’t realize the hassle a child’s pants can be until they’re trying to take them off in front of the toilet. By using easy on and off pants, the time spent unzipping and unbuckling in immensely reduced. The goal is to train your child to be self-sufficient enough to take off his/her pants to use the bathroom, so try as much as you can to make it easier on them.

With these must-have potty training items, your kid will be ready for the grown-up toilet in no time!