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How Knowing More Languages Can Affect Your Child’s Personality

Knowing many languages really affects a young mind’s personality. Every language you learn opens up a whole new world, makes them multi-cultured and makes them explore sides and shades of themselves that they’ve only just discovered. This interesting concept was explored in an article published by The Economist.

The Gender Reveal Parties That are Sweeping the Nation

If you own a Facebook profile, odds are that you have seen at least a couple of sweet, gender reveal videos floating around your news feed. It seems as if every week, there is a new trend that emerges, whether it is related to parenting or not.

This Is When Your Kid Is Ready For Potty Training

How do you know when to start potty training? How can you tell if your child is ready? We prepared this easy-to-read checklist to assist you in deciding if this is the right time for the potty.

Children in Italy and Spain Sleep Less

In the United States, moms and dads measure their parenting skills and successes using a variety of methods. One indication that parents have succeeded in one aspect of setting their child up to live a healthy life that will undoubtedly enable them to grow into a successful future is by sticking to a strict bedtime routine.

Moving Past Anxiety

Some people like to talk about feelings as if they are unimportant. Do you remember the old saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? That saying perfectly encapsulates the philosophy that views physical injuries as something “real” and emotional injuries as “unreal.” Anxiety might be in your mind, but your mind is the core of your being.

Best Places for a Kids-Free Vacation

The holiday season is coming to an end. From celebrating Thanksgiving with your family at your in-laws’ large dinner party to opening Christmas presents with your children on Christmas morning, the holidays have been a wonderful time filled with celebration with your friends and family. However, sometimes you and your partner need to find some time on your own to relax and enjoy each others’ company without the added stress of dealing with your kids or great aunt Susie. So, here are some of the top places that offer a couple of friends, kids-free zone for you and your partner to enjoy a nice vacation.

Kids Who Sleep Better Do Better At School

New research has discovered that a few more minutes of shut-eye can improve their elementary school grades!

This Aunt’s Amazing Idea Will Blow You Away

Jessie Woods always knew that her aunt was above average, but this family get together that she organized was on the next level of fun.

The One Thing Every Parent Should Always Carry Around With Them

Dig around your backpack, purse, or briefcase until you can feel the bottom… Well, for many people, before you actually hit the bottom of your bag, your hands will graze a plethora of books, makeup, papers, wrappers, pens, and a ton of other very random objects that sometimes, let’s be honest, you forgot that you have had.

Your Kid Should Have A Job

A lot of families grow up struggling to make ends meet. Typically within these families, the children are expected to get jobs as soon as they are eligible to apply anywhere in order to assist with the family’s overall income. While these kids may see this as a disadvantage at the time that hinders their social life or after-school activities, having a job when you are younger is actually extremely beneficial for many reasons.

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