3 Tips for Preparing Your House for Trick-or-Treats This Halloween

Trick-or-treating is one of the best parts of Halloween and chances are you’ll welcome many kids into your home on this spooky holiday. Here are five useful tips you should keep in mind when preparing your home for trick-or-treaters this holiday season.

Clean Doorway

Kids tend to be quite clumsy sometimes, especially when they get overly excited about Halloween, so make sure that the walkway to your doors is clean and hazard-free. Add some fairy lights to the mix—in addition to making your Halloween décor more festive, they’ll create a safe, well-lit path for kids.

Take Care of Your Pets

If you have any pets at home, make sure to keep them on a leash or in a separate room. No matter how well-behaved your pet is, Halloween can be a pretty stressful time because kids will be ringing your doorbell and going in and out all day long, so it’s important to keep your pets away from all the commotion.

Candy Choice

Candies are the best thing about trick-or-treating. Homemade treats have been pretty polarizing in recent years, so avoid making more than needed. Make sure you have some store-bought options, including some nut, egg, and dairy-free candy for kids dealing with food allergies. Non-food treats, such as stickers, school supplies, and tiny toys are also an option.