Globetrotting Ginger Will Show You That It’s Possible to Travel the World With a Toddler


Most people believe that traveling with a baby is mission impossible because it brings a whole new set of challenges along. That didn’t stop Aubrie Bell aka Globetrotting Ginger from hitting the road with her toddler and enjoying it as much as she did on her own.

With around 175,000 followers on Instagram and 285,000 on TikTok, Bell found quite a success on social media long before becoming a mom. She fell in love with traveling during her first big trip to Egypt and Israel at 18, but her journey to becoming a travel blogger was a rocky one.

This trip opened her horizons and she started traveling as much as she should, but her family later set her down and advised her to start looking for a stable career. She became a retail manager, but her husband helped her reignite her passion for exploring the world, and they’ve been traveling ever since.

Bell’s content significantly changed since she became a mom, and we’ve seen her take her baby boy everywhere from Disney World to Las Vegas. She’s mostly been traveling around the US, especially her home state of Utah, since giving birth but that’s not making her trips any more magical.

“I don’t have a normal baby, I have a travel baby. Hughie loves seeing the world. He loves visiting new national parks. He has been on dozens of flights and loves waving at everyone on the airplane. He loves road trips and learning about new places. This is just the beginning of his adventure”, wrote Bell in one of her TikToks.