Watch Neighborhood Dads “Unlock a Whole New Parenting Style”


It is always a challenging task for parents to watch over a group of kids playing. You always need to be wary of things they do so they won’t hurt themselves or each other, while getting your warnings and instructions across can involve a lot of yelling because they will purposely ignore you.

This is why two neighborhood dads came up with a genius way to efficiently parent their kids while playing without all the added stress and hard work. Their idea was showcased in a recent viral video shared on TikTok by user Kristy Dorn.

The dads decided to install themselves a “chill” zone on the patio, relaxing in chairs while having a full overview of the backyard where their kids are playing. They also set up a karaoke machine, which allows them to talk to kids and get their message across without straining their voices. As a bonus, they also performed songs to keep the atmosphere lively.

“The neighborhood dads unlock a whole new parenting style,” it says in the text attached to the video, which got 2.3 million views already.

The social media users loved the idea and praised the dads for their creativity.

“I’m kinda impressed! I get tired of yelling,” one user wrote in the comments section.

“As a very tired toddler mom, I need to adopt this method,” another added.