Funny TikTok Video Shows Dad Going Prom Dress Shopping with His Daughter


Usually, it is the moms who go with their daughters to shop for a prom dress. However, one dad recently decided to take on this parenting role, and it went down as you might expect: with a lot of jokes and unsuccessful attempts to save some money.

In a funny video recently shared on TikTok, content creator Aaron Ennis can be seen accompanying his daughter while she looks for a perfect prom dress. Ennis explains that he wants to make sure his daughter gets something “with some class.“

Ennis then goes on to recommend a number of dresses, including one in the style of legendary singer Tina Turner, but none of them are to his daughter’s liking.

Once his daughter finds the dress she likes, Ennis is taken aback by its price of $300.   

“If I get this dress, you’re wearing this dress for the prom, Easter, going to get gas. Everywhere! If you have a job interview, you’re wearing this dress, “Ennis tells his daughter before asking her when she plans to get a job.


She wearing this dress more than once for that much money. She better find a 2nd prom to go to 😂😂😂 #parents #parentsbelike #dadlife #comedy #relatable

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The video ended up going viral and amusing millions of social media users. Other parents praised Ennis for accompanying his daughter while also warning him that this was just the beginning of his troubles.

“Lmaooo we need more dads like this,” one TikToker wrote in the comments section.

“Just wait until you have to go wedding dress shopping with her….that $300 is 10x more ….poor daddy, you might not survive that purchase,” another added.