Jimmy Fallon Reveals He is Plotting a “Revenge” for His Daughter’s April Fool’s Prank

If you watched The Tonight Show, you know that the talk show’s host, Jimmy Fallon, is a fan of pranks and jokes. However, it appears he doesn’t like to be on the end of one, at least when it’s his kids who are pranking him.

During a recent appearance on TODAY, Fallon revealed that his nine-year-old daughter Frances pranked him for April Fool’s Day by slapping him with a plate full of whipped cream. And now, he is looking for “revenge.”

According to Fallon, who also has a 10-year-old daughter named Winnie with wife Nancy Juvonen, it all started when he got home on April 1st. His daughters told him to put on a T-shirt that he doesn’t mind getting “messy.”

“She comes across with a paper plate full of whip cream, and slaps me hard across the face. I mean, the real wallop, and then whip cream all over my face, all over the walls. Nothing on the T-shirt, of course,” Fallon recalled.

After the incident, Fallon promised his daughter that he’ll spend the next year plotting how to get back at her.

“I go, ‘That’s terrible what you just did.’ I go, ‘I’m going to get you back,’” Fallon shared. “‘I’m going to take a year of my life, and I’m going to really get you back.’”

Fallon also revealed that Frances was initially unfazed when he “threatened” to put snakes in her bed as retribution before admitting that they scare her.

“Don’t mess with me, man. You think I care? You hit me in the face with whip cream pie. No, I’m going to get you back,” he added.