3 Tasks to Develop Your Toddler’s Confidence and Independence

You may find it hard to imagine asking your toddler to help you out with the household chores—surely they would break or drop something? However, multiple studies have shown that even very young children are capable of carrying out more than we usually give them credit for. Asking toddlers to help around the house can really develop their fine and gross motor skills while providing a boost to their confidence and sense of independence. Check out these relatively simple tasks that you can ask your toddler to lend a hand with.

Sorting Out Laundry

If you do the laundry regularly with your toddler, they will quickly learn and recognize which items are to whom in the household. You could ask them to deliver a pile of fresh laundry to an older sibling in the home. Alternatively, teach them how to help you fold sheets and other larger items—they will likely find this lots of fun and be eager to help you with it again!

Drying the Dishes

Even if you’re not quite prepared for your kid to help out with the washing up, drying the dishes is a great activity for toddlers. Start them off with lighter, less breakable items (any plastic beakers or plates are a perfect option) before graduating them onto drying cups and mugs. If you’re concerned about breakage, set them up with a dish drying station at a table or on a surface where they can hold the items properly.


Due to their keen eyes and small size, kids are experts when it comes to weeding the vegetable patch. Once you’ve helped them identify what is a weed and what is growing produce, kit them out with some gloves and set them off. Many children love being out in the garden, so will persevere at this task for far longer than those set indoors. Getting your kid into gardening will also help to develop their love and respect for nature from an early age.