3 Fun Games to Play in the Garden

Having a garden when you have kids is such a great situation. Growing up with some outside space to play in is an amazing experience and can help to build a connection with nature and the outdoor world. Kids can usually be left to their own devices in a garden, but it’s super fun to have some communal games to share between you. Here are some great choices to add to your garden space. 


This game is such a simple concept but provides hours of fun. It can be played alone but is much better with a small group so you can pass the ball to each other. It’s also a good game for young children, as the ball remains on the rope so it’s easier to pick up and less likely to cause any injuries. 

Giant Jenga

If you’ve ever played jenga then you’ll know how much fun it is and how much suspense it causes. The giant version is perfect for an outdoor space and can be played with a little group of people. 


This game can be played inside but works so well in a garden where you have more space to play around with. If your kids are still small then you may need to be a bit more careful when tangled up on the mat, but this game can bring about much joy and laughter.