Teacher Uses Beyoncé’s “Mute Challenge” to Quiet Her Classroom


Atlanta, Georgia-based teacher Amber Drummond recently discovered a great way to quiet her classroom of talkative first-graders. She tried pop superstar Beyoncé’s “mute challenge,” and it has been a resounding success.

The “mute challenge” originated during Beyoncé’s performance of the track “Energy” during the Renaissance World Tour. After singing the lyrics “Look around, everybody on mute,” the Grammy Award-winning singer and her dancers all “freeze” and encourage the audience to do the same. The goal is to make the venue as quiet as possible.

After witnessing the challenge at Beyoncé’s concert, Drummond decided to try it with her classroom. She first explained to her students the meaning of the word “mute” and then told them when and how to act like it.

In the video posted on her social media, Drummond can be seen trying out the challenge and being genuinely surprised with the response. The entire classroom, which she refers to as “D-Hive”, went silent.

The video got a lot of attention on social media and earned praise from other internet users. It also prompted other teachers to try out the challenge with their students, and they have all nailed it. Maybe it works with a noisy household as well, it doesn’t hurt to try.