Ideas for the Fall School Vacations

For many of us, the autumn break is almost here. Although the weather may feel damp and cold, it’s important to make the most of this free time and get outside with the kids as much as you can. Here are three ideas for great days out for all the family.

Country Park Trail

Head out to a large park and give the kids a list of autumnal sights to spot—these could include a fungi, the falling leaves, a squirrel collecting nuts, or fallen acorns. Giving children something to focus on can make a walk feel more purposeful and exciting, and if they’re busy seeking out exciting autumnal treasures, you may get a moment or two to yourself.

Wild Beachside Walk

If you live within daytrip distance of the sea, make the most of the season and embrace the empty beaches. As long as you all wrap up warm and take some food and hot drinks in flasks, there’s no reason why the beach is off-limits during the fall and winter seasons. You may see a few hardy surfers and swimmers, but most of the time it will be just you and the elements. An empty beach is a brilliant place for the kids to run off excess energy, and you’ll all feel refreshed for a day spent in the open air.

Wet City Walk

There is evidence that spending time in the wet and the wind can be hugely beneficial, both for our mental and emotional health, and for physical health (this is especially true in cities as the rain can “wash” the air clean of many pollutants). So make the most of the emptier streets and take the kids out on a walk. Make sure everyone has good waterproof gear, and then see how different your city looks and feels in the rain. Most children love the rain and will enjoy the chance to splash through puddles. Stop off at a café if you’re feeling a bit weather-beaten, but otherwise enjoy the sensory experience of walking through the rain-washed streets.