This 6-Year-Old Child is Solving Complex Math Problems


All kids have something they excel in. In the case of six-year-old Nathan Katcher, that something is math, and his talent for numbers is making him a TikTok star.

Nathan’s mom, Rachel, is quite proud of her little math genius, and she often shares clips of her son solving complex math problems without breaking a sweat. In one of the recent videos, Rachel can be seen giving Nathan a long and complicated equation, only for Nathan to offer a correct solution without even using a pencil.

Other TikTok users were amazed by Nathan and offered tons of praise in the comment section.

“Watch his eyes ! He’s calculating in his head quick ! Wow, smart kid,” one user wrote.

“Amazing! Good luck, Nathan! You are going to do amazing things,” another added.

According to Rachel, Nathan enjoys all other activities kids his age enjoy and hopes to become a professional baseball player. But he never misses the opportunity to have fun with math.   

“It focuses him, and it gives him an opportunity to have positive reinforcement. It feels good. It’s something the whole family does together. We have fun with it,” Rachel told Today in a recent chat.


Age 6. Every day we up the challenge and Nathan continues to impress us with his math skills! #math #mathtrick

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