Sarah Lescrauwaet-Beach is Creating Colorful Food Art to Convince Her Kids to Eat Healthier


Most parents struggle to convince their kids to eat fruits and veggies, but Sarah Lescrauwaet-Beach came up with a brilliant strategy to get it done. She’s transforming healthy ingredients into vibrant food art that even the pickiest of eaters would find irresistible.

Lescrauwaet-Beach is the mastermind behind the viral Instagram page @edible_food_art_for_kids, and she embarked on this journey thanks to her two sons. She was looking for a creative way to trick them into eating more fruits and veggies, and arranging healthy ingredients into picture-perfect creations did the trick.

Lescrauwaet-Beach’s food art takes the shape of animals, cartoon characters, and beloved public figures. Many of her creations look too good to eat, but that’s exactly part of their charm.

“There is some beautiful food art that is amazing to look at, but it’s hard to see how someone would want to eat it. My message is all about getting kids (and parents) to have fun with fresh food and I think it would be a shame to make creations that go to the bin,” she told Bored Panda.

Lescrauwaet-Beach is committed to keeping her ingredients as healthy as possible and mostly relies on using fresh fruits and veggies, nuts, and seeds. Some of her dishes contain a dash of dark chocolate, but she avoids using food dye, artificial flavorings, pasta, and mashed potatoes.