Julia Fox Reveals She’s Raising Her Three-Year-Old Son Without a Nanny

Many celebrity parents rely on nannies to help them out with their kids, but not Julia Fox. The Uncut Gems actress opened up about her parenting journey in a recent interview and revealed she’s doing everything on her own because she doesn’t have a nanny for her son.

Fox welcomed her son Valentino in 2021 with her ex-husband Peter Artemiev. They’ve been inseparable ever since, and Valentino even attended several fashion shows by his mother’s side, and they even wore matching denim looks during a recent Diesel show.

Fox recently discussed her parenting style with InStyle and addressed the misconception that she doesn’t have a “mothering” personality. She admitted that her schedule has been insane since she became a mom because she doesn’t have a nanny and does everything from drop-offs and pickups to play dates and lunches on her own.

Despite her best attempts to do it all and take care of Valentino on her own, Fox admitted her family often gives her a helping hand.

“Obviously, I’m lucky that my family is here in New York, all the grandparents, the aunts, the uncles. So if I have to go do something, it’s very easy for me to call upon somebody. They’re all very eager to take care of him because he’s just the sweetest, most fun little ray of light,” she told InStyle.