Mom Shares the “Most Hilarious” Invitation for Kids’ Birthday Party


Want to make sure your kid’s birthday party is well attended? Then you should step up your invitation game. A good invitation can work wonders in encouraging parents to bring their kids to the party, as a recent viral TikTok video shows.

TikToker Natalie LeClaire, who is a mom of two, recently shared the “most hilarious” invitation for a kids’ birthday party that she has ever seen. Her clip got close to six million views since being posted earlier in June and has been a hit on social media.

The invitation is addressed to her son Evan and starts by clarifying that the “event is brought to you by Pinterest fails and the Dollar Store, so please set your expectations appropriately.” It describes the theme as “unicorns but with rainbows and maybe bats, but there should be princesses and also Minnie, and we need dancing lights,” and encourages the guests to “dress accordingly.”

“Please pack a bathing suit, sunscreen, puddle jumpers, etc., in case your sweet baby angels decide our original plan sucks and the pool would be a better time,” the invitation continues.

The organizers of the party also told the parents that they could “drop off and run” if they wanted or stay around for the festivities.

“Needless to say, we will absolutely be attending,” LeClaire concluded the video.

Understandably, many TikTok users were intrigued to find out how the party turned out, so LeClaire made a follow-up video to