Mom Shows a Great Hack on Repurposing Your Baby’s Old Onesies


There is not much use for onesies once your baby outgrows them. Most parents either gift them away or put them in a box and completely forget about them. But one creative mom figured out how to repurpose her baby’s old onesies and make them useful.

TikTok user @gressianr recently shared a video that shows a clever hack that became a hit among parents. Using a pair of scissors, she simply cuts the bottom part of the onesie and then uses it as a bib for her baby. And it works like a charm.

Other TikTok users praised the hack in the comments section.

“Ok, this is low-key genius, “@nellyy_0704wrote.

“This is super awesome. I love it. I’m gonna try it,” @ellarose_yuyun added.

TikTokers also pointed out that the remaining upper part of the onesie can be used as a baby T-shirt. Some even believed that was the point of the hack.

“Lol, I thought you were going to use it as a shirt for a baby that has outgrown the onesie,” one user commented.

So there you have it. If you don’t know someone that could use the onesies, don’t let them end up in storage. Instead, use them to replenish your bib supply.