Why Energy Drinks Are So Bad For Kids

Energy drinks usually come in colorful cans and are adorned with artwork that might appeal to kids. But no matter how much your kids are trying to convince you to let them try them, you shouldn’t. Here is why.

Energy Drinks Are Packed With Caffeine

The main selling point of energy drinks is that they have plenty of caffeine that will allow you to have a bit more energy to get through the day. However, the high-caffeine content can cause sleep disturbance for kids and negatively impact their development.

Energy Drinks Contain a Lot of Sugar

Energy drinks taste good, but that is mostly due to the amount of sugar they contain. Exposing your kids to sugary drinks like these can lead to obesity or dental cavities and influence their choices later in life.

Energy Drinks Don’t Have Nutritional Value

Kids need food and drinks that have nutritional benefits so their bodies and brain can develop in the right way. Energy drinks come short in this department, and your kids are better off consuming types of drinks that actually offer nutritional value.

Energy Drinks Can Lead to Behavior Changes

By consuming energy drinks, kids can experience behavior changes. They can become hyperactive due to the stimulants that the drink contains and have trouble focusing. These consequences can be especially troubling in the school setting.