Mom Amazes the Internet With Her “Whatever Makes You Happy” Parenting Hack


Most parents have their own creative hacks that make parenting a bit easier. For example, TikToker Jessi Meeks provides her kids with a “whatever makes you happy” hour each day that allows them to get “wild, free, and chaotic” while providing her and her husband with some badly needed relaxation.

A viral clip posted on TikTok earlier this month shows Meeks’ children enjoying an ice cube painting activity outdoors.

“Today, we started off with an ice cube painting activity that progressively got messier and messier,” the TikToker explains in the video. “However, this is typically the witching hour, so letting our kids be free, wild, and messy also helps alleviate our frustration if we just let it go, and we let them do whatever makes them happy.”

The clip got a lot of attention from other parents on TikTok, who were amazed by this unusual parenting hack.

“I love this idea! Toddlers love to be in control. Such a good way to let them,” one user wrote in the comments section.

“Thank you I will be picking up a bag of ice on the way home now. Cuz mama tired,” another added.

Meeks also posted a video in which she explained that she usually picks out an activity and then lets her kids take it from there and enjoy it any way they want.

So there you have it. If you want to relax a bit while also encouraging your kids’ creativity and providing them with some fun time, try the “whatever makes you happy” parenting hack. It sure looks like it works for Meeks and her family.