5 Tasty Beach Day Snacks That Your Kids Will Love

A family day at the beach is a delightful experience that kids of all ages will enjoy – especially if you add some tasty snacks to the mix. Instead of buying food at overpriced beach stalls, here are five delicious and refreshing snacks worth packing in your beach bag or a mini-cooler.

Trail Mix

If you’re not bringing a mini cooler along, you can still pack some trail mix in your beach bag. The combo of nuts, dried fruits, and chocolate chips will keep your little ones full in between meals.

Granola Bars

Granola bars are also a great snack option for long days at the beach because they’re nutritious, energizing, and don’t melt as fast as regular chocolate bars.

Crackers and Pretzels

Crackers and pretzels are another example of an amazing low-maintenance snack because it doesn’t take any extra work to keep them fresh

Sandwich Wraps

If you decide to bring a mini-cooler to the beach, consider making delicious sandwich wraps for your kids and you won’t even have to buy any overpriced food once you’re there.

Fresh Fruits

Sliced fruits, such as watermelon, apples, and oranges will take your day on the beach to new heights. Pack them in your cooler to keep them fresh, along with barriers, grapes, and cherries.